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Em-J spoke to 200+ passionate Vegans at the 2018 Vevolution fashion and beauty summit about how the Beauty industry is transforming, where we are lacking and how we can help. Teaching a guide to shopping vegan make-up.

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get the gloss interview

Renowned online platform kicked off veganury 2019 with a dive into Em-J’s vegan and cruelty free make-up kit sharing all the dupes and favourites throughout the year.

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Ceo’s Wear sneAkers- podcast

In the summer of 2018, Em-J was a guest speaker on the Podcast ‘CEOs wear sneakers’ with K.Swiss and Gary V.

Conversations about ‘The emJ Company’, highs and lows of being an entrepreneur and where she got to where she is today

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Em-J has a regular feature in Brightzine magazine where she does monthly recommendations of the seasons hottest cruelty free and vegan products.