In the depths of winter- most legs are hidden away underneath 2 layers of long johns and a pair of the wooliest tights your nan would be proud to own.

You've been invited to your pals party and your legs havn't seen the sunshine for what feels like a life time, it goes without saying your pins will be securely hidden away tonight.



BUT WAIT. What if i was to share with you some top secrets from the masters of skin? You've seen those campaigns in the tube...plastered across the dull walls of the underground, the modern day goddesses flaunting thier heavenly bodies-staring into your eyes and reminding you of your pastey and winter beaten mottled skin? 


I am here to tell you the secret behind the campaigns, and no i'm not talking about photoshop. Before the photoshop even begins, in the making of the goddesses, when make-up and hair is finished, did you think our work is done? OH NO....our job does not stop at the neck. A BIG secret, hidden deep in most top make-up artists kits is a bottle of BODY BLUR. 



BODY BLUR, is conjured up by the luxurious brand VITA LIBERATA and is designed to smooth, contour and illuminate skin....and MY OH MY it does that!!! Completly free from parabens, perfume, alcohol, sulphates and all other chemicals of concern.  I cannot shout about this product enough. It gives the perfect amount of coverage, glows from within and instantly adds sex appeal!  If your foundation looks darker than your neck...add a sweep across your décolletage  to even out and add some extra chic. Perfect for photoshoots, nights out, red carpet glam or even day to day when you have the pins out.