I have recently been delving into the world of perfume and have been super shocked and saddened to hear about some of the common ingredients.


A common ingredient taken from the anal glands of a conscious civet cat. Online research shows that this is a very brutal extraction every 10 days or so. 


Animal musk is taken from the male Musk deer. They are killed for their musk and many females are killed also as part of the hunt by mistake.


These two ingredients are used by MANY large brands and high street perfumes. Their purpose is to make the perfume stick to the skin. It can also be found in some perfumed beauty products.


after hearing that, would you like to know some of my favourite ANIMAL FREE perfumes??? Here is my top 8....


1.  The Body Shop

The Body shop do a vast selection of perfumes, eu de toilettes and body mists to suit everyones 'smell buds'.

2. Charlotte Tilbury

Scent of a dream perfume is a very sexy perfume with floral notes. A stunning bouquet of tuberose, jasmine, frankincense, violet and patchouli.

3. Stella Mcartney

Of course Stella-leading the way with vegan fashion would also roll her morals into her perfume! All Stella Mcartney perfumes are 100% vegan.  Great staying power and available to buy everywhere!


Yes! Our friends at lush make some beeeeeeauttttiful smells from thier Gorrila range. The ONLY perfume which is not vegan is the 'smell of weather turning'

5. Pacifica

Huge array of various scents from Pacifica with great staying power!


A great selection of unisex perfumes....and make sure you check out thier candles too!!

7. 100BON

I found these in John lewis a few weeks ago and bought some for Henry. 100BON do unisex scents that come in refillable glass bottles and packed full of natural ingredients.


Recently fell in love with these super cute little roller ball perfumes made from a blend of pure essential oils. 


I would love to hear your thoughts and favourites if you try any of these out!! 

Love & Lentils, Em-J xx

Charlotte Tilbury (UK)