Yes...another Tanning product 🙈 I was going to stop talking about tanning for AT LEAST a few days but then a trunk of VITA LIBERATA  arrived on my door step with this CRAZY new product....I can’t quite understand why no one has thought about this badger before. 🤗


A powder face bronzer.....THAT TANS YOU AT THE SAME TIME! called “Trystalls” it’s Genius!!!!🤯


You can wear it on top of foundation or by itself on top of your moisturiser and it will give you an instant glow at the same time as tanning you! ✨ The tan should last up to 5 days...! 🙏🏽


First impressions- it buffs onto skin beautifully, I just looked in the mirror 3 hours after applying it and starting to look a little darker- really nice colour (like the body blur) and not orange! 🎃❌


Il let you know how it looks when I wash my face tonight... ! 🧐 I think it’s great idea to use it on your face and décolletage!


Also for holidays when you’re feeling a bit pasty on the first few days! 🤫